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No Internet or Computer is Required for this program!

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Start Living the Real American Dream!

(All Cash comes to Your Front Door or to Your Mail Box)

Get Paid Multiple $100 Cash Gifts Every Day on 3 Levels!


120,000 Of Your Flyers Mailed
For You FREE On All 3 Levels!
When you join us: We will have your flyer Like This One Printed & Mailed to 10,000 Hot Buyers FREE with Your Name And Address in the #1 Position, Monthly for One Full Year.

Plus you will receive the free 50% dealership for this 120,000 Print & Mail Program from the Prime Source for joining us.

Just to give you an idea of what 10,000 Flyers look like...

When Prospects Join from one of YOUR Flyers we had Printed and Mailed to 120,000 for YOU, We Print & Mail 100,000 Flyers For Them, FREE! You Also Get 120,000 Printed & Mailed Again, because Your Name Is In the #2 Position on their Flyers.

Then As Prospects Join from one of these Flyers we had Printed and Mailed to 120,000, We Print & Mail 120,000 Flyers For Them also, FREE! You Also Get 120,000 Printed & Mailed Again, because Your Name Is In the #3 Position on their Flyers.

Then As the Prospects Join from any of these Thousands of Flyers with your name printed on them, YOU will be receiving $100 Cash in every envelope you open!

This is endless because 120,000 Flyers are Printed and Mailed for every one who joins this Ultimate Gifting Program (10,000 Monthly) for One Full Year and your name is on tens of thousands of Flyers, and continues to be Printed and Mailed as more people join us that we have Printed and Mailed with your name in Positions #1, #2 and #3! Your Name And Address Keeps Getting Mailed To 120,000 Again And Again On Position #1, Position #2, And Position #3, To INFINITY! You could Receive Thousands of Cash $100 Gifts from Each Mailing.


Level 1 - We mail out 10,000 Flyers (monthly) with you in the #1 Position! If you only get a 1/4 of 1% response --
That is 25 New Members  x $100 = $2,500.00.

Level 2 - These 25 people do the same and get 25 each with you in #2 Position --
(25 members X 10,000 Printed & Mailed with Your Name in #2 position = another 250,000 Printed & Mailed)
That is 625 New Members  x $100 = $62,500.00.00

Level 3 - These 625 people do the same and get 25 each with you in #3 Position --
(625 members X 10,000 Printed & Mailed with Your Name in #3 position = another 6,250,000 Printed & Mailed)
That is 15,625 New Members  x $100 = $1,562,500.00.

These are monthly 10,000 Printing and Mailing that will continue on for 1 Full Year.

(If You Print & Mail Your Flyers Too (that have your name in the #1 position) and Mail Them in All Your Out-Going Mail - Your Name would also appear on these flyers when people joined from them! It is important to have your Flyers Printed and Mailed by others and always mail to your own list of customers! Keep The Cash Coming In!)
TOTAL GIFTS = $1,627,500.00!



Receive a $100 Cash Gift from day one on each member joining!

You will receive a $100 Cash Gift from Every Member who joins from your flyer and Every Member who joins from Your Customers flyers and Every Member who joins from their Customers flyers.
The Monitor will have another 120,000 Flyers with your name and address in the #2 and #3 Postion Printed and Mailed.

Everytime someone joins from a flyer that has your Name and Address on it, in any one of the 3 Positions, you get another Free $100.00
CASH Gift.
Your Flyers will be Flooded all over the Internet and Mail Order Circles.

Is This The Gifts Your Looking For?

STEP #1. Click Here To Print Out The "Umop Opportunity" Circular.
STEP #2. Follow the Easy Instructions on How To Join on The Circular.
STEP #3. This is a CASH Only Program, so here is how to mail Cash safely:
Put your CASH Gift in a 3.5x6.5 small envelope that was made just right for Cash Money.
Print your name and address clearly on small envelope, so I will have your name and address.
Wrap the Flyer around the small envelope and insert in a #10 envelope and mail with 1 stamp.
Never write payment enclosed on outside of the #10 envelope!

NOW GO GET Our FLYER and Join us, so You Can Start Receiving Cash $100 Gifts.

  Now Keep in Mind. . .
We Print & Mail 120,000 Copies When You Join
NOTICE!! I reserve the right to decrease the Printed and Mailed copies to the original 10,000 copies or to any number of copies per member at anytime without any prior notice if Print & Mailers can't handle the Volume of orders.
You are not Buying Advertising! (The 120,000 Printing and Mailing and your very own Lifetime Website is free and can change at any time). The Monitor pays for all of the Printing & Mailing out of his $100 Gifts.

However - You receive the 50% Dealership for the 120,000 Print & Mail Program.
You could sell 120,000 Printing & Mailing to all your Other customers and pocket hundreds of extra dollars or use it to have your own flyers printed and mailed for half price.

When you consider all the FREE 120,000 Printing and Mailing we give you, it is impossible to put an accurate amount of worth on this Ultimate Money Gifting Program!

No guarantees are made or implied. The examples above only demonstrate the Gifting potential, they are not to be implied as a guarantee of $100 Gifts. But the $100 Gift Possibilities are Available to you. Void where prohibited by law. All sales are final. No Refunds.

QUESTION: Do I get a 10,000 or a 120,000 Circulation of my Flyer when I join?
ANSWER: Your Flyer is Printed and Mailed to a 120,000 Circulation. (That is 10,000 monthly for One Full Year). That averages around 2,308 copies each week for 12 months.

QUESTION: Can I expect a big response from this 120,000 Print & Mail?
ANSWER: Yes and No! Your first showing of your Flyer will build interests, but not necessarily any cash money. It may take a couple mailing to build enough trust for people to send you their cash money. You will get some responses and some junk mail from others because of your flyer being mailed to them. (That is to be counted as response from your P&M also. Not all responses will be Cash). Since this Printing and Mailing is continuous, you should get a steady flow of responses all year long once it starts coming in.

QUESTION: What do I get for my $100 I send to the Monitor?
ANSWER: Your first 100,000 starts when you join us. The Monitor pays to have your Flyer Printed and Mailed to 120,000 from his $100 Monitor fee. He also prints up a flyer with your name on it so you can start receiving $100 Cash Gifts. The Monitor will set you up with a free webpage that will have your flyer scanned and posted on it so all money comes straight to your front door or mail box.

QUESTION: How often will I get all this FREE Printing and Mailings?
ANSWER: When the Monitor receives your order, he will send in an order for 120,000 copies of your Flyer to be Printed and Mailed. You will be the one who gets the free 50% Commission Dealership for the 120,000 print and mail to use for other flyers or sell the dealership to others. This is an extra bonus for joining our program.
When someone Joins, they will get a 120,000 Printing and Mailing of their Flyer. Your name will be on their Flyer in the #2 position, giving you another 120,000 circulation with your name on them. If 5 people join, Your name will be printed and mailed in the #2 position on 500,000 flyers, increasing the number of responses you could get. And when they get people from their mailings your name will be in the #3 position on all the flyers printed and mailed for them. PLUS, This goes on every day, week, month and could go on for several years without ordering a printing & Mailing yourself until your 12 months are up, making them all Free. So, you will actually have flyers printed and mailed with your name in all 3 positions every month.
It is unbelievable and Fantastically True at the same time! Just have your flyer printed and mailed at the end of each year and your name could be circulated forever bringing in Cash $100 Bills everyday.

QUESTION: Do you verify payments before issuing flyers and websites to new members?
ANSWER: Absolutely NOT! People are sending a $100 GIFT to the names in positions #1, 2 & 3 to help with the rising cost of living. Since it is a gift we can not demand any payment. It has to be a gift or YOU have to send them something worth $100 for their $100 payment. A Gift is Tax Free, however a Payment is Taxable income.
(This program will only work if you are honest! Cheaters only hurt themselves.)

A Cheater may not send you $100. However, when his/her Flyer is Printed and Mailed to 120,000, you may receive several $100 just from his/her 120,000 Printing & Mailing and several more $100 from their 120,000 P&M. So, even the cheaters will make you money.

QUESTION: Why all Cash? That could be a problem because the bank will not let you deposit a lot of cash!
ANSWER: Your Flyer is all the proof you need that you received this money legally as a gift!

QUESTION: How can I be sure I am legal and protected by the law?
ANSWER: You should buy a Cash Receipt book and send every Gift Giver a receipt for the $100 GIFT. Put their name on it and sign your name and keep a copy. You have Proof the $100 was a Gift and not a business transaction by having a record of the $100 Gift. People may also be able to deduct it from their taxes.

This Gifting Program with the 120,000 Printing & Mailing Dealership can be FUN, EXCITING and Very PROFITABLE if everyone is Honest!

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