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These 3,375 people mail 500 and get 3% response, and 50,625 people send you $1... on and on.
You could receive 813,615 new names to add to your mailing list not to mention $1 bills!

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Since most Mail Order Dealers don't have any website html coding experience, I will set-up your Automated Mini-Site just like this one for you with your name and address on it and host it on one of my websites for a Lifetime for $30.00.

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NOTICE: I have also decided to host the Mini-Sites for a Lifetime instead of 1 year at a time. Now when you buy an Automated Mailorder Mini-Site it is Online for Life! That not only saves you the $20.00 for each additional year but makes it a Super Bargain! (Life is the life of this website).

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The cost to put your Mini-Sites Online is just $30.00 each for a Lifetime.

Cancel anytime, but no refunds or returns will be paid! That is roughly 3 books of stamps or 63 stamps. You could mail 63 letters with 63 stamps.

However, by putting your Mini-Sites on my website, you could reach hundreds or thousands of people to Purchase this Product or Service from you or join you or just send you cash money during the year. You must advertise your new Automated Mailorder Mini-Site or no one will ever see it.

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I will duplicate this Mini-Site that you purchase and post YOUR name or Flyer for the programs you join or buy where mine is, so all orders would go to or under you. Your name or flyer is all anyone needs to purchase from you or join under you. Anyone who comes to your Mini-Site could print-out your flyer and mail it in with their payment. You don't even have to go to your webpage except to look at it and make sure it is still Online.

Everything is done thru
the U.S. Mail.

All orders and Cash Money comes to your Front Door or Mail Box!
There is Nothing for you to do except advertise where your Mini-Site can be viewed by giving out the web address (Url). All you have to do is send people to your Automated Mini-Site by advertising the Url in Mail order Publications and Tabloids or mailing postcards with your web address on them.

Hint: You could go to tinyurl.com and paste the url of your new Mini-Site in their form to get a much shorter url to put in small ads or classified ads. Your potential customers will go to the original url no matter which url they use.
Classified ads are a perfect inexpensive way to advertise the Urls.


You can earn a $10.00 commission

on THIS Automated Mailorder Mini-Site by Selling it as the Authorized Dealer.

click on the Mini-Site image below to see what you need to send to me to set up your Mini-Site. Some don't need anything but your Name and Address. Some will require that you join the program first so you can receive a flyer with your name, code or ID# as the dealer. That is the flyer or form I will need to set up your Mini-Site.
If you would like your very own Automated Mailorder Mini-Site just like this one with your Flyer with your name and address Printed on it,



Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee as to how much money you WILL receive.
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