Christmas Never Ends - It is Always carried Over into the next year!
The Sooner You Start
The More You'll Receive

This Fully-Automated Mailorder Mini-Site will
help you increase your yearly Christmas Fund.

(This Mini-Site is good this year, next year and the next year!)
Use this Mini-Site to Pay-Off your past Christmas Bills Too!
Imagine for a moment waking up EVERY morning, checking your Mailbox and finding it STUFFED with "Letters" containing $50.00 Cash for Christmas Shopping or Paying Christmas Bills!!

(All CASH Orders come to Your Front Door or to Your Special Mail Box)

Join our $50.00 Christmas Club!

This is a "CASH ONLY " Christmas Club Fund
Everyone who joins this Christmas Club is told to send Cash! That means every envelope you open that comes from this Automated Mailorder Mini-Site will contain $50.00 Cash in it.

You could receive these envelopes all year long if you advertise your Automated Mailorder Mini-Site all year long.

Use the cash to buy Christmas and put the rest back until Christmas rolls around next year or...
You can use this cash money to pay-off your last Christmas's Credit Card bills!

You can actually Double you Family Income with this exciting Program!

If you join and then have your spouse, brother, sister, son or daughter join, Both of your names would be on a NEW Flyer that you would put on YOUR Automated Mailorder Mini-Site if you have one. Every time some one joined from your Mini-Site or this NEW flyer, both of you would receive $50.00 Cash on or around the same day!

When you sign your spouse or family member up, it would be cheaper because you don't have to pay yourself when you sign them up. You would be saving $50.00, but you wouldn't receive $50.00 from your spouse or family member at the time of sign up. However, You would receive $50.00 from all the people who join from this New flyer.

Once both of you are signed up - you could actually sign some one else up for free, except for the monitor's fee. You just don't take your pay on that application. However the first person would not be on the new flyer. That doesn't matter - Because - you will still mail your other flyer that has you and the your spouse on it.

You could keep signing friends and family members up to help them by only paying the monitor fee. And you still have your original flyer with you and your spouse, that is good every year no matter who or how many people join.

You receive $50.00 from everyone who joins from your flyers you mail out or from your Automated Mailorder Mini-Site, (If you purchase a Mini-Site for $30.00 for a Lifetime) from the Authorized Dealer:

Get your very own
Automated Mailorder
Mini-Site just like this one.

I have created several Automated Mailorder Mini-Sites from Mailorder Programs that I believe will Fill Your Pockets with Cash Money over the coming years with very little work involved.

You've heard it before, I know, but these Automated Mailorder Mini-Sites do the work for you. They will remain somewhere in Cyber space for Life! All you do is send people to your web address by running small ads.

I will host them on my Websites so all you have to do is send your potential customers to them. They will be maintenance free to you. All important copies or information will be placed in a member area - Back Office on your website to access anytime you like (When required).


All orders will come to your Front Door or Mail Box, because it is all done thru the U.S. Mail.

You must Purchase the Mailorder program to use the Automated Mini-Site. You would be ordering it from an Authorized Dealer who will know what to do with your order.

You don't have to know anything about the Internet to Make Big Money Online.

The cost to put your Mini-Sites Online is just $30.00 each for a Lifetime.

Cancel anytime, but no refunds or returns will be paid! That is roughly 3 books of stamps or 63 stamps. You could mail 63 letters with 63 stamps.

However, by putting your Mini-Sites on my website, you could reach hundreds or thousands of people to Purchase this Product or Service from you or join you or just send you cash money during the year. You must advertise your new Automated Mailorder Mini-Site or no one will ever see it.

Your webpage stays


for a Lifetime.

I will duplicate this Mini-Site that you purchase and post YOUR name or Flyer for the programs you join or buy where mine is, so all orders would go to or under you. Your name or flyer is all anyone needs to purchase from you or join under you. Anyone who comes to your Mini-Site could print-out your flyer and mail it in with their payment. You don't even have to go to your webpage except to look at it and make sure it is still Online.

Everything is done thru
the U.S. Mail.

All orders and Cash Money comes to your Front Door or Mail Box!

There is Nothing for you to do except advertise where your Mini-Site can be viewed by giving out the web address (Url). All you have to do is send people to your Automated Mini-Site by advertising the Url in Mail order Publications and Tabloids or mailing postcards with your web address on them.

Hint: You could go to and paste the url of your new Mini-Site in their form to get a much shorter url to put in small ads or classified ads. Your potential customers will go to the original url no matter which url they use.
Classified ads are a perfect inexpensive way to advertise the Urls.


You can earn a $10.00 commission

on THIS Automated Mailorder Mini-Site by Selling it as the Authorized Dealer.

You can join this Christmas Club
any Day of the Year, any Year!

When Christmas is OVER - It's time to start saving for next Christmas!

If you joined a Christmas Club at your local bank. . . you would be depositing $10.00 or $20.00 each week or month or whenever you could and hope it will amount to a lot at Christmas time. However, by joining our Christmas club, you could receive more than $10.00 or $20.00 a week or month. Our Christmas Club starts with $50.00 Cash money.
Well, actually, if you read the flyer, you would start by giving two gifts of $50.00 each and a $20.00 payment to the monitor. When you get your flyer with your name on it, and I explained how you could double your family earnings above, and if you used this Automated Mailorder Mini-Site to spread the word all over the nation, you could receive thousands of envelopes with $50.00 Cash in them ALL YEAR LONG!
You could then deposit much more each week in your Christmas Club at your bank or use the money for more pressing things.

This money could be coming to YOUR front door All Year Long, Every Year for life or for as long as you advertised your Mini-Site. This Mini-Site does all the selling for you for a lifetime and you could even earn a $10.00 commission on the sale of the Mini-Site. YES! This Mini-Site sells the Mini-Site for you also. You just sit at home and let the Lifetime Mini-Site do the selling for you.

Your Mini-Site would be a day for a LIFETIME.

AND . . . it's all Cash Money in those envelopes coming to your front door. No waiting in long lines at the bank to cash any checks. It's all just "Ready To Spend" Cash money.

This Automated Mailorder Mini-Site will be Promoting This Christmas Club Fund every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every year for Life or until?

click on the Mini-Site image below to see what you need to send to me to set up your Mini-Site. Some don't need anything but your Name and Address. Some will require that you join the program first so you can receive a flyer with your name, code or ID# as the dealer. That is the flyer or form I will need to set up your Mini-Site.


If you would like your very own Automated Mailorder Mini-Site just like this one with your Flyer or name printed on it as the authorized dealer, Click on the Mini-Site image and order from the authorized dealer above.
You will have to join the Christmas Club First because I will need a copy of your flyer to create your Mini-Site.

If you would like to receive $50.00 EVERY DAY or More for the Rest of Your Life...
Order your membership today. When you receive your Christmas Club member flyer, sign your spouse up using your flyer so you will be on his/her flyer. This way both of you will be on the same flyer, receiving $50 each. Then, so you will both receive orders every day, post your flyer on the Three (3) Lifetime Websites. Your flyer could be seen by millions of visitors during the Lifetime of the websites.

Below is just one Lifetime Website to explain how they work. Your Flyers are post on this Lifetime Website within 48 hours of receiving them. Your Flyers will be working for you instantly, selling your Product or service or
The other two are listed below.

You can also purchase this Mini-Site Separately for $30.00 CASH to sell your Memberships for you!

To print the flyer above from a pdf file click on the flyer.
The other two Lifetime Websites can be found Here:

Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee as to how much money you WILL receive.
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