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You would be receiving Hundreds and even Thousands of Envelopes that would contain one or more Cash ONLY $10.00 Bills, but with No Orders to Fill.

Every Envelope would contain Cash Money, so NO Checks or Money Orders to have to Cash at the bank. You open your envelopes and take out the cash. You should save the envelopes in case you want to mail them other offers or sell their names as Hot Buyer Names.

Since every one of these Envelopes are coming back to YOU with CASH in them -

Go to your local Post Office and rent a Mail Box. Use this Mail Box (ONLY) for the programs that bring you Cash Money with No orders to fill.

Every letter that comes to this mail box will have cash money in it and you don't have to do anything in return for this money. So keep it separate from all your other orders that you have to fill.

If something should happen to you and you can't get or process your mail - any family member could open your mail and use the cash money for bills or whatever you need. It's like an Insurance policy that keeps on paying cash money to your special mail Box Number. As long as you keep that mail box paid up, you could receive cash money indifinately.

That means if you become disabled or deceased, your family can continue to open your mail and use the cash money with no obligations or commitments. It's free cash money as long as your mail box rental is paid up.

The only way you will get letters everyday in this Special Mail Box is to Advertise every day. That can be very expensive so I have found a way to cut your advertising down to almost nothing. Your ads could be seen for a Lifetime, not just one or two months. Everyday for a Lifetime on 5 to 10 Lifetime Websites.
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This is just an example of the Unlimited Earning Potential you have when everyone just gets 5 people with these types of programs, but is not a guarantee of any particular amount of money you will receive!





Here are Five

with No Orders to Fill!




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